Stainless steel inventory statistics (2021.3.5--2021.3.11)

31 Aug-2018

As of March 11, 2021, the total stainless steel inventory in Wuxi and Foshan totaled 785,389 tons, representing a 1.99% decrease rate from the previous period. Among them, cold rolled 539,152 tons, a decrease of 3.89% from the previous period, and hot rolled 246,237 tons, an increase of 2.43% from the previous period.


From the current inventory situation, the inventory of all series has shown a steady increase. The inventory of the 200 series increased by 2.97% from the previous period, the inventory of the 300 series increased by 0.19% from the previous period, and the inventory of the 400 series increased by 11.44% from the previous period.


According to the department, the 200 series cold rolling is within the statistical caliber, and the large steel traders' destocking is more obvious. The HW and BGXCL series resources are the main depots. The market inventory is mainly based on the abundant resources of J2 and J5. Upside-down and coil trading have become the main method of destocking, and the overall inventory has dropped by 2.49% from the previous week. In terms of hot rolling, HNJH, SDSY, QS, and BGXCL pre-resources are the main delivery forces. The increase in core agents has been highlighted, and the overall inventory has increased by 32.29% compared with last week.


The 300 series cold-rolled inventory showed an increase of 0.36%, mainly with DL and BGXCL as the main warehousing forces. According to Mysteel, Jiangyin is currently building a new warehouse front warehouse, of which the South China plant mainly stores 201 cold and hot-rolled resources. At present, the cold-rolling resources in the market are less in circulation, and the main resources to the warehouse are based on the DL increase of the state-owned large-scale warehouse. Therefore, the current circulation link 300-series cold-rolling is still showing a slow increase in the warehouse. In terms of hot-rolled inventory, QS and DFTG resources are mainly reduced. Qingshan’s opening price has been lowered repeatedly this week. Spot merchants use fast-forward and fast-out methods for turnover to ensure profitability and promote the overall 300-series inventory to decrease compared with the previous period. 0.13%.


In terms of inventory of 400 series, cold rolling is mainly due to a small increase in this period, mainly because TG resources have successively arrived in Hong Kong. The 400 series cold rolled environmental protection increased by 7.47% last week. For hot rolling, due to its small volume, it is mainly The pre-resources of major factories in Northwest China were mainly stored in the warehouse, and the overall inventory increased by 41.67% from the previous week.


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