The future development trend of China's stainless steel pipe

31 Aug-2018

Development trend one 

For the use environment, designing target materials is an inevitable trend in the development of stainless steel pipes. For example, designing pipes for seawater environments to achieve resistance to pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in seawater environments; such as designing pipes for high-oxygen water environments; design higher Pipes with creep resistance and radiation resistance, such as high-temperature steam oxidation-resistant pipes, can be used to achieve stainless steel pipes with different properties, such as high strength, high plasticity, high toughness, high corrosion resistance, and high purity.

To meet the needs of various industries and develop new materials in response to different environments is an inevitable requirement for the development of stainless steel pipes. According to the national science and technology plan, the main solutions are:

   Special environment such as transportation and handling of dangerous goods

   Harsh environments such as exhaust gas treatment

   High temperature environment such as ultra-supercritical

   High pressure and high corrosive environment for oil and gas development

   Antibacterial environment such as biocompatibility

   High purity use environment

Develop steel grades from the source, meet different environments, and solve the performance and high purity requirements of stainless steel pipes, which are the requirements for the future development of stainless steel pipes.

Development Trend Two

Innovative technology, energy saving and emission reduction to achieve green enterprises and green products are the main theme of the development of stainless steel pipes. Process innovation refers to the process of production and commercialization of research and development of new technologies, including existing or innovative products.

Major innovations in process will lead to fundamental changes in the economic system of the industry. For example, the cold extrusion rolling technology mentioned above can save more than 50% of electricity. The rolling process does not use rolling oil, reduces the number of pickling passes, and achieves large deformations and increases the yield rate are all unopened development trends. The performance of the product is better than that of the current rolling and drawing process products, can achieve the specified grain size according to the user's requirements for the product, and can achieve the same longitudinal and transverse tensile properties. Consistent vertical and horizontal performance is an important parameter for application design. The application of steel pipes is mainly for horizontal compression and tensile resistance. When the vertical and horizontal strengths are different, the material used in the design will select the thickness of the steel pipe according to the minimum value. When the vertical and horizontal directions are consistent, it can be Saving the consumption caused by the difference of the opposite sex is not only an important contribution to the green energy-saving development of the enterprise but also to the entire society.




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