Stainless Steel Application of Storage Tank

Application of Stainless Steel in Storage Tanks
Stainless steel storage tanks are storage containers made out of stainless steel. Compared to ordinary rolled plastic storage cans, stainless steel storage tanks can withstand higher pressure, and are widely used in high pressure fields. Furthermore, stainless steel storage tanks have an obvious characteristic; these tanks can be sealed, completely eliminate intrusion of hazardous substances in the air, and ensure that the liquid stored in the tank is not contaminated by the external environment.

Characteristics of stainless steel storage tanks:
High corrosion resistance
Stainless steel tanks have high corrosion resistance, and are not corroded by external air or residual chlorine in water vapor. Each tank is high-pressure tested and examined, and has a life of 100 years under normal pressure.
High sealing performance
Stainless steel storage tanks can be sealed. Airtight design completely eliminates hazardous materials floating in the air and intrusion by pests. This guarantees that the content is not contaminated by external pollution or pests.
Effectively reduce turbidity
Scientific hydrodynamic design prevents sediments at the bottom of storage tanks from being stirred up, thus guaranteeing the natural separation of water layers for household water and firefighting water. Household water that comes from storage tanks has a 48.5% reduced turbidity; however, the water pressure is increased significantly. PE pipes are advantageous for improving the quality of household water and the performance of firefighting equipment water.
Easy to clean
Stainless steel storage tanks do not need to be cleaned often. Sediments can be eliminated by periodically opening the discharge valve at the bottom of the tank. This equipment can be used once every three years to clean water pollutants. Electrical water sprayers significantly reduce cleaning costs and completely prevent contaminants from human germs.


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