Stainless Steel Application of Construction External

Application of Stainless Steel in Construction External
Because of its corrosion resistance, fire resistance, aesthetics, and mechanical performance characteristics, stainless steel is very suitable for the construction industry. Some examples of building structure application include bridge/tunnel construction, elevator/stair handles, fixing facilities around swimming pools, elevator doors or panels, street lights, outdoor art sculptures, and water transport pipes. Stainless steel with surface treatment, coloring, and plating can solve handprint problems after being touched, which expands the applications of stainless steel in buildings even further.

Easy to Process and Work
Stainless steel has been extensively used in building ornamentation and accessories, primarily because stainless steel is easy to process and work. The addition of vacuum plating or liquid platting techniques that add color, give stainless steel different colors. By using different processing methods, stainless steel can be made into different colors and patterns. The surface can be made into mirror, brushed, or etched styles by using different processing techniques, which provides a rich source of building ornamentation and renovation design, and significantly improves the scope of application.

With Various Colors and Items in the Surrounding Environment
The reflective properties of a stainless steel mirror surface can produce cross reflection effects with various colors and items in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, matching light with stainless steel can form a high crystal brilliance that strengthens, embellishes, and contrasts with the surrounding spatial environment.

As for environmental friendliness, stainless steel can reduce many negative impacts on the environment. Non-coated stainless steel plates do not produce any emissions, and its use on housing surfaces, external walls, and sun screens can reduce building energy consumption to a minimum. Stainless steel cleaning work does not cause harm to the environment and does not require dangerous chemicals.


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