Stainless Steel Application of Construction Industry

Application of Stainless Steel in Construction Industry
Contemporary building and structural design combines aesthetics and environmental friendliness. Because stainless steel can be recycled, is low polluting, and is fire resistant, it has moved from being used for special applications to being used in large quantities by the construction industry.

Stainless steel can be 100% recycled and not have its utilization cycle reduced. Thus, it can be recycled without limit to produce additional stainless steel. Stainless steel does not have any metal loss during the use period, and does not require using new material for replacement. Therefore, its negative influence on the environment as a result of metal deterioration can be minimized. Because of stainless steel’s high residual value, 80% of stainless steel is separated from trash and recycled into new stainless steel.

Characteristics of stainless steel in construction industry:
Because of its corrosion resistance, fire resistance, aesthetics, and mechanical performance characteristics, stainless steel is very suitable for the construction industry. Some examples of building structure application include bridge/tunnel construction, elevator/stair handles, fixing facilities around swimming pools, elevator doors or panels, street lights, outdoor art sculptures, and water transport pipes. Stainless steel with a surface treatment, coloring, and plating can solve handprint problems after being touched, which expands the applications of stainless steel in buildings even further.

In practical application, stainless steel is often the best choice for withstanding harsh environments. The addition of surface treatment makes stainless steel the first choice for “light performance” in building design. The most important reason why stainless steel is used in building structures is because of its ease of use and low maintenance. Because building structures are exposed, the use of stainless steel can create a modern and highly effective image.


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