Stainless Steel Application of Cookware

Application of Stainless Steel in Cookware
Stainless steel pots make up majority of stainless steel kitchenware, accounting for approximately 50%. Kitchenware made with stainless steel are smooth, clean, do not become moldy easily, are not afraid of scratches, and can be cleaned easily. These items include stainless steel knives, pots, and tableware. The advantages of stainless steel has made stainless steel kitchenware an emerging market with a significant and rapidly developing market.
Stainless steel has been widely applied to the production of tableware, including knives, bows, spoons, dinner plates, and forks. Because of its durability, cleanliness, safety, detailed work, and environmental friendliness, these utensils conform to Western dinning habits, and are highly sought after by European and American consumers. Primary markets include nations in the European Union, the Americas, and other developed nations. In recent years, the international market has looked good, and the development of stainless steel tableware has moved toward branding, industrialization, marketization, and has become oriented towards external appearance. Demand for high-grade stainless steel tableware is rising, and the market shows significant potential.

Family-use stainless steel can be divided into 430, 304 (18-8), and 18-10. These stainless steel types have superior metal performance, resist corrosion, and are durable and beautiful when made into containers. Thus, they have been used to produce tableware and are gradually being accepted into broader family use. The stainless steel tableware industry has gradually revived with improved global economics, but with increases in raw material prices, energy, and labor, the cost of production has also increased drastically. Thus, the costs for tableware companies have significantly increased.


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